Front End Web Developer

Do you need a Front End Engineer? I build front end Web UX with pixel-perfect design implementation. I can join a dev team and immediately start implementing new features on an existing Web app. Or take a redesign project and run with it toward polished delivery. Or start with an audit of your Web app and propose a list of improvements and bug fixes. I'm good at extrapolating new UI mock-ups from an existing design. I am best employed as a specialized front end member working within a team of Full Stack Engineers. My LinkedIn profile is David Wisz. I live in San Francisco.

Technical Background and Skills

I have about 14 years' experience writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These days I'm all about semantic HTML5 markup; optimized CSS and leveraging the awesomeness of CSS3; and namespaced, modularized JavaScript functions. I follow coding best practices => understandable and efficient code, DRY, modularized/reusable components, semantic var names, avoid global vars, minimize DOM element references and generation. Ultimately, my goal is making the front end as performant as possible.

Knowing CSS's intricacies is one of my core strengths - how to lay out elements with standard CSS for optimized rendering, aiming for a flat list of generalized definitions for sitewide reusable styles. I write optimized CSS. This is just one of the necessary skills I bring to a Front End role, but expert CSS knowledge is essential to this role. Knowledge of CSS standards and best practices is typically missing from the Full Stack Engineer skillset, which is what makes the Front End Developer role so important to a Web team.

I love SASS/SCSS. $variables, @mixins, and (more performantly) @extend! However, I've seen how misuse of SCSS's nesting produces extremely non-performant CSS output: hierarchical/nested style definitions resulting in context-specific styles and specificity wars => * { * : * !important } /* FTW */

I have worked with many platforms and frameworks: Ruby on Rails, JSP, PHP, .NET, String Template, content management systems (e.g., WordPress custom templates), SWF/AS/XML, etc.

I also have solid experience with A/B testing using Split, Google Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and Visual Website Optimizer. I've learned how to learn from test design pitfalls. Also that inconclusive test results are valuable, via a process of elimination, in helping determine which aspects of a feature DO drive users to goals.

I also know all about:

  • jQuery.
  • HAML.
  • Content separation with YAML (and, when necessary, getting embedded HTML tags rendered).
  • Making Ruby's pluralize method work across languages.
  • CoffeeScript.
  • Responsive Design and Mobile First strategy: the best frameworks and criteria for choosing one; the viewport meta tag and media queries.
  • Site optimization for page performance.
  • SVN, CVS, Perforce, git, and github.
  • Bug and story tracking in Bugzilla, JIRA, and Pivotal Tracker.
  • SEO, Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools.

Valuable Team Member

  • I collaborate well with Designers, Full Stack Engineers, and Product Teams, on project planning and priorities; helping determine product road maps and project schedules; assessing a dev timeline's feasibility; and identifying granularities within larger stories for isolated, phased rollouts (deadline trade-offs).
  • I love learning from teammates across disciplines, and love sharing knowledge with fellow developers in pair-programming scenarios and less formalized, more straightforward, collaborations.
  • I regularly communicate status updates, and proactively participate in project tracking with team members, including daily face-to-face intelligent interaction.
  • Overall, I'm a self-starting, solution- and results-oriented, approachable, collaborative, smart teammate.
  • I proactively contribute to team culture and share my sense of humor at work.

What I'm Looking For

  • Above all, a job whose responsibilities match my skillset.
  • A team with a well organized process, that knows how to manage development cycles for smooth sailing.
  • And I'd like to get more experience with any of these:
    • Responsive Web Design frameworks.
    • JavaScript frameworks (Angular, Mustache, Handlebars, Backbone, Node, etc).
    • Single Page Applications.

Extracurricular Interests

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